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It’s that time again… what’s coming up in the world of Digital PR next week.

From house price indexes to productivity reports, here’s how you can utilise upcoming opportunities to your best advantage.


This does exactly what it says on the tin – the Big Energy Saving Week is dedicated to helping people save money on their energy bills by raising public awareness on how to switch energy suppliers and tariffs to get the very best deal, finding discounts, and making homes all over the UK more energy-efficient at the same time.

Therefore, this is a fantastic PR opportunity for anyone in the energy sector to comment and provide helpful information on changing your energy tariff and saving money on your bills.

Find out more about the Big Energy Saving Week here.


The third Monday of January is apparently the most ‘depressing’ day of the year, and this year that falls on Monday 18th January.

PRs of many different sectors can take advantage of Blue Monday by outreaching positive, happy, and uplifting content guaranteed to make people smile on this particularly gloomy day. This is what journalists will be craving. But beware, many will jump on this early – so act quickly if you’re planning to distribute content.

Brew Monday was even created in retaliation to Blue Monday, encouraging people to reach out to their colleagues and catch up over a cuppa to help banish those winter blues. As we all work from home, it’s never been more important to take five with your work pals, even if over a Zoom call!

You can read more about Brew Monday here.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) releases its labour productivity report on Tuesday 19th January, from July to September 2020.

This report outlines labour productivity in the UK by industry and is, therefore, a great reactive opportunity for experts in the HR, business, and employment industries, as well as any industries mentioned in the report.

It’ll be particularly interesting to see how productivity has altered in the past year with the lockdown and masses of people now working from home.

You’ll find the report live on Tuesday here.


ONS also releases its monthly House Price Index on Wednesday 20th January. This time, it’s for November 2020.

A great reactive opportunity for experts in the home, property, and finance sectors, the House Price Index runs through house price inflation rates in the UK and how they’ve changed month on month. Currently, house prices are at an all-time high, so it’ll be interesting to see what ONS has to say about the figures.

Head here for the release on Wednesday.

Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful when planning some of your content for the week ahead. Want to learn more about our PR work? Head over to our PR page here.