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It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to look at what’s coming up in the wonderful world of digital PR.

April is a noteworthy month: it’s National Gardening Month, it brings us National Denim Day, National Siblings Day, and so much more.

To help you keep up with April’s news and use the month to create excellent PR campaigns, here are some upcoming opportunities for you to explore.


The UK is home to many famous national parks and landmarks, which many of us only discovered during lockdown!

National Parks Fortnight is an exciting two-week celebration for nature lovers and people of all ages to go outside, discover nature, and learn more about our historical national parks.

This is a perfect PR opportunity for the domestic travel industry, as you can share key insights and knowledge about national parks and their historical value through reactive campaigns. Maybe you could craft up a campaign that reveals something unique about each national park and which seasons are best to visit them.

You can find out more about National Parks Fortnight here.


Gardening certainly got many people through the pandemic, and our gardens and balconies have never been in better nick. Throughout Community Gardening Week, you can learn how to develop your green thumbs as a community whilst taking care of your gardens and the environment.

From revealing how many calories gardeners can burn whilst caring for their plants, to how you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking on gardening, this event provides a great number of opportunities for creative campaigns. Just make sure to get your content out early as many will be jumping on the occasion.

You can find out more about Community Gardening Week, here.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) will release its annual estimates of Internet users in the UK by age, sex, disability, and geographical location on 10th April. By analysing the data provided by ONS, there’s the potential for some great reactive campaigns.

This will benefit those in the UK home, property, and tech sectors. With new information being released, there’s an opportunity to offer expert commentary, compare data with previous years (highlighting how lockdown affected our Internet use), and more.

Check out the ONS release, here.


Even though they might be annoying sometimes, we can’t live without them. On Saturday 10th March, people will be celebrating their siblings and everyone who feels like family. Whether you will celebrate at home with your family or have a Zoom get-together, this is the day to remember how important siblings are in our lives.

For anyone working on campaigns with a leisure, educational or family theme, this day offers an excellent window for reactive pieces. You could share some entertaining, fun and positive siblings’ stories, which we all definitely need right now.

From ranking which sibling gets told off the most, to finding out TV’s favourite sibling duo, there’s certainly a lot of opportunities to create excellent digital PR campaigns.

Learn more about National Sibling Day, here.

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