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Come November there’s only one thing we’re waiting for… the festive adverts! Surely we’re not the only ones who eagerly wait for John Lewis’s tearjerker of an ad, watch it, and then compare with last year’s? In fact this year, search interest for the advert started to peak from the 25th October!

But, we also can’t forget about the other touching ads we’ve seen this year. From the sister magic show brought to us by Argos, to McDonald’s prompting us to find our inner child – we’ve had some goodies on our hands.

How did we choose the winner?

To get us into the festive spirit here at c3, we’ve looked at some of the top ads to see which ones have been the most popular based on YouTube views, Instagram engagement and trending hashtags via Twitter. Based on the findings, we then created an index of the results. The bigger the index, the higher the views/engagement.

And the winner?

Drum roll, please… Aldi’s much-loved Kevin the carrot! Kevin (the carrot, not McCallister) is a firm favourite, having received over 7,568,294 views on YouTube, and a 13% engagement rate on Instagram. Not only that, #kevinthecarrot has been used over 4,000 times (4,523) on Twitter!


Second Place

Coming in at second place is Argos’s sister magic show ‘an evening with AbracaDaisy and the incredible Lucy’.


Third Place

Third is McDonald’s heartwarming ‘reindeer ready’ advert prompting us all to find our inner child. In fact, the hashtag #reindeerready has been used 3,546 times! Fourth is John Lewis’s ‘give a little love’ and fifth is Tesco’s ‘no naughty list’.


The Rankings



And whilst we have the top 10, which adverts have been our favourite here at c3? Well over half (53%) of us favoured Amazon’s advert this year over any other brand, followed by McDonald’s (33%) and Disney (14%).

Until next year… have a good Christmas all!


  1. To determine the Instagram engagement rate, we calculated the engagement rate per post (ER POST) by calculating the total engagements on the post divided by the total number of followers. To then make an engagement rate percentage, we multiplied this number by 100. ER post = Total engagements on a post / Total followers *100.
  2. Trending hashtags sourced via Linkfluence.
  3. The index score weighted between 0 and 1, based on the YouTube views, IG engagement and use of hashtags. The closer to the 1, the better performance of the ad.