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Over the last few weeks, life as we know it has changed significantly and we have all had to swiftly adjust to this new ‘normal.’ Numerous businesses have quickly responded to the Coronavirus crisis, demonstrating how agile, resourceful and innovative they are. Many have responded to the change in consumer behaviour by creating new products, in turn supporting the community with their fresh creations.

Pai Skincare

Natural skincare brand Pai quickly responded to the shortage in hand sanitiser by creating their own version for £9. ‘Acton Spirit’ – named after the team and where they’re located (their offices are based in Acton, West London), Pai were able to bring a new product to market in just two weeks, showing that where there is a will there is a way! Pai have also limited customers to one hand sanitiser per person to reduce shortages and for each one that’s sold, they’ll give one away to a school, nursery or beauty bank charity.

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Independent brewer Brewdog have also launched their own hand sanitiser ‘Punk Sanitiser,’ which they are giving away to those who need it. Brewdog’s quick call to arms to help curb the shortage and the fact they are not charging for this product is a fantastic and inspiring demonstration of community spirit. They have also created a virtual pub quiz so even though you may not be able to go to the pub, you don’t have to miss out on the pub quiz action!

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Ben & Jerry’s

With staying in being the new going out and our Netflix viewing undoubtedly on the rise, Ben & Jerry’s expertly responded to this with their new Netflix and Chill’d flavoured ice-cream. A great example of a business quickly responding to consumer demand with a fun, light-hearted product.

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The Detox Kitchen

London-based catering business The Detox Kitchen, which creates delicious healthy meal plans delivered to your door, alongside their bricks and mortar cafes in the capital showed their ability to adapt during this uncertain time. Having to close the doors of their cafes, the Detox Kitchen responded to the lack of food available to buy in supermarkets by teaming up with their fruit and veg supplier 2-Serve to create a box that contains a variety of the highest quality produce, which feeds 2-4 people for a week!

The Body Coach

Other brands that have rallied round to help others are The Body Coach. With schools and nurseries now closed in the UK for the foreseeable future, ensuring your kids get regular exercise on top of trying to home-school them can prove challenging. Joe Wicks, founder of the Body Coach has taken it upon himself to teach the nation P.E. each day. Every morning at 9am from Monday – Friday Joe teaches a live 30-minute workout aimed at kids to get them moving, genius!


To all the brands and businesses out there who have adapted and are playing their part in helping us through this crisis, we salute you!