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Some of the best PR campaigns have harnessed both the power of PR and the research and insights of social media to create something magical 

However, this can only be achieved through cross-channel collaboration and effective communication between the two teams, which is where asking the right questions becomes vitally important.  

Here at connective3, our PR team work closely with our social team on our client strategies to make sure we’re working collaboratively and getting the most out of our campaigns. In light of our successes including our collaborative ‘Doggy Workouts’ campaign for Canine Cottages, here are the top five questions you should be asking your social media team to take your digital PR campaigns to the next level!  

1. What are your plans for upcoming social media content and campaigns?


Firstly, ask the simple questions about their upcoming plans. It might sound obvious, but it’s more common than you’d think for some PR and social teams to be completely unaligned when it comes to their content calendars.  

 Understanding the social media team’s content calendar and upcoming campaigns helps you align PR efforts with their initiatives. This way, you can plan complementary PR activities to support and ensure consistent messaging across platforms. 

2. How are their social campaigns performing?


Ask your social media team for their key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics relevant to your PR objectives. Social media analytics can provide valuable insights into audience engagement, sentiment, and reach, which can inform your PR strategy and help you measure the impact of joint efforts. It can also help you identify exactly the type of content your audience loves, which can then inform your PR ideas.  

  3. Are there any emerging trends or conversations in your industry or niche?


Social media teams are often at the forefront of monitoring real-time conversations and trends. Asking about emerging topics can help you proactively plan PR responses, identify opportunities for thought leadership opportunities, and address potential issues before they escalate.  

  4. What is the target audience for this campaign, and how can PR support by reaching and engaging with them?


Identifying the target audience is crucial for any successful campaign. What’s the point in creating amazing headlines, brilliant assets, and beautiful copy if it’s in front of people who couldn’t care less about your product?  

PR can play a vital role in reaching and engaging your intended audience. Using your social media team’s social audience data, you can conduct thorough research to understand your target audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviour. This can help you create amazing campaigns and get them in front of all the right people.  

5.What are your social teams planned posting schedules and frequency, and how can PR coordinate press releases or media outreach to maximise reach?


A well-planned posting schedule is essential to maintain consistency and keep your audience engaged throughout the campaign. PR can work closely with social media teams to align press releases and media outreach efforts with the posting schedule, making sure you maximise reach and keep people talking about your campaign for as long as possible. 


To find out more about our services and how our teams work together, head over to our influencer marketing page or get in touch for more information.