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When it comes to paid media, I have two key mantras that I believe in.

  1. Media is expensive so you need to make the most of every penny
  2. You’ll never have a data set as rich as your own

What this essentially boils down to is that you need to utilise audience lists across all of your marketing activity wherever you can.

The first way that we need to be using audience lists is by making lists in Google Analytics, recording the information of anyone that hits a specific page of a website, building audience lists off the back of that, and then re-engaging across paid media activity.

Whether they’ve landed on your corporate pages, personal pages, or holiday pages vs. working trips pages – your audience is telling you what they’re interested in, and you should be using that information to market back to them, and attract them back to the site to convert.

Within many sectors, when customers are showing in market signals now is the time to reach out to them, as if you’ve spotted this then your competitors likely have as well. You need to make sure that everyone who comes to comes to your site is recorded, and retargeted with messaging relevant to them, based on the pages that they’ve visited on your site.

The second thing we’d advise is building out these audiences into your Google PPC account. Rather than focusing on keywords or upweighting for bids for people who are ‘in market for travel’, take your approach one step further by building out ideal audience lists. For example you could segment your audiences into groupings such as couples, families, or even use signals such as ‘is a parent, is in market for ‘trips to X location’. Other audience signals you could use include things like ‘is in market for a new Audi’ – as information like this indicates a level of income, wealth and affluence. You can then tailor ads to hit specific audiences, and can change the ad copy to suit the audience, structuring adverts around things like ‘the perfect family holiday’ for families or ‘the perfect romantic getaway’ for couples.

Through using these two audience focused methods, retargeting and prospecting, and delivering relevant ads to your audiences your ads will ultimately become more effective and more likely to convert.