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My digital performance career started back in 2007, working on affiliate websites and using Google Adwords to generate traffic from long-tail keywords for a penny per click. I didn’t get into it because I was a technical or creative genius; I simply loved watching these micro-businesses grow, taking up online market share that businesses with a million times the budget should have been dominating.

I started consulting with clients in 2009, taking a business from £1m to £10m annual revenue, ultimately ending in a successful acquisition. I was hooked. Being able to help companies transform and grow is what really excites me about the work we do.

During my time at Branded3 I had the privilege of working with over 200 different businesses, understanding how they operate, the mixture of skill-sets in house, and what they wanted to achieve from their digital performance. We had an unapologetic focus on delivering results across the agency, and no matter the service area we always had to answer the question: is this delivering growth? On the whole we saw some amazing results over the years, picking up awards and truly transforming the digital performance of the businesses we worked with.

However, we saw a difference between great results and truly unprecedented performance. To deliver unprecedented growth for a business you have to adopt a way of working that creates universal buy-in, connected communications and data transparency; you have to become connective.

At connective3 our approach is unusual because we’re striving for something unusual: connected expertise, empowered organisations, and never-seen-before levels of growth. Connecting expertise within the agency, mapping that to our clients’ teams and taking it a step further to connect with business teams including procurement, finance, brand and PR. When you achieve universal buy-in, connected communications, and transparent ways of working, you begin to see performance beyond what you had thought possible.

To launch connective3, we hand-picked individuals who are exceptional in their specialist areas but understand the need for connective ways of working, creating an environment of mutual respect and true collaboration. We aim to pass this culture of empowerment on to our clients, because we know the most effective way to achieve high-reaching goals is through an individual commitment to a collective effort.

So let’s get started, turning your great results into unprecedented performance.

To find out more about our offering head to our services page, or reach out via our contact page – we’d love to hear from you.