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It’s been nearly two months since I entered the wonderful world of digital PR, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming entering an entirely new industry, in a pandemic, completely remote. Despite that, it has been an amazing and very rewarding two months.

Several things have helped me in my adventure into PR, so I’ve decided to share my top five tips with other junior executives, or anyone else who is curious about diving into the PR universe.


There’s so much to learn through PR blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. I found that a great confidence booster was reading up on things in my spare time, watching conferences, and listening to podcasts. There’s a vlog/podcast for everything these days and it can be a great way to learn. You can find some great recommendations here.

In addition to this, at c3, we recently launched our own vlog, which is full of fun, insightful updates! Subscribe here.


Follow people within the PR industry! Twitter is great for not only finding new contacts, but also reading up about the latest industry gossip. It’s particularly great because you can see things happening in real-time, for example, the latest Weetabix / Heinz “collaboration” – not only was this extremely entertaining, it was a great way to learn about reactive content. I have learnt so much from just scrolling through my Twitter feed over the past six weeks!


Even though the news can be a very daunting place at the moment, it can also be a great source for inspiration, whether this is for brainstorms, newsjacking opportunities, or learning more about your client’s industry. With very little going on at the moment in our personal lives, it can be hard to find inspiration, so I’d recommend this if you require a creativity boost.


I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such a talented and supportive team at connective3. It’s so important to ask questions, but sometimes that can be daunting for a new starter. Having a fabulous team around you who reassures you that no question is stupid, and that no idea is a bad idea is extremely encouraging.


Most of all… enjoy it. Although the job can be fast-paced and manic at times, the results are so rewarding and 100% worth the hard work!


Interested in joining our team? Head to our careers page, or to find out more about what we’ve been up check out our Twitter or contact us directly.