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Nuno Vidal: Junior Digital Designer

Artist: Quietroom (link to the full pdf) 

Santa’s Brand Refresh, 2013 – a branding guideline document on Santa.

Communication design consultancy agency Quietroom makes a funny branding guideline document as if Santa was their client asking for a rebrand. From Santa’s jolly brand core values to what space it occupies (amongst other beardy and fat competitors). And from the red Pantone reference chart to Ho-ho-ho Venn diagrams, it is witty and sure to make designers laugh.  

But beyond that, what I like about it is that it shows out-of-the-box thinking, by applying a strict methodology to something else. It makes me think: “What else could we define the branding guidelines of? A year? A feeling? A pandemic?”

Jane Seymour: Head of Design

Artist: Raymond Briggs.

A classic illustration style that led the way for the future of illustration and animation. Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas is beautifully nostalgic.

This production style rarely exists within the digital age. Starting with a pencil and paper, the long process of animating in this authentic way would nowadays be hard to replicate in the digital world.

The textured stroke of coloured pencils with simple shading makes for a style that has become so familiar to us all. Digital illustration and animation have taken over now, but nothing will quite beat Raymond Briggs’ illustrative and storytelling talents.

Oliver Johnson: Digital Designer

Artist: Rappi

Columbian delivery company, Rappi, ran with a campaign over Christmas where they sent Santa on a well-deserved break!

The campaign included releasing a daily shot on social media of Santa enjoying his time off, partaking in various activities, from golfing to jet skiing. They created a really fun scrapbook of all of his antics which was funny and light-hearted in the lead up to the 25th. And on top of that, they created some cool 3D animations of Santa to compliment the campaign.

Josh Kerr: Junior Digital Designer

These designs are an abstract take on Christmas cards, adding a fun twist to what you’d typically give to others. Christoph Niemann uses witty, simple illustrations to represent classic Christmas icons such as Santa and a snowman in unique, playful ways. The designs feature simple but effective colour palettes and give off a real vintage hand-drawn look.

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