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We’re proud to have been selected as only one out of 20 agencies in the UK to participate in Google Partners International Growth Program – an exclusive program to support businesses expanding internationally. With our rapid growth and premier partnership, we’ve gained unique insights to assist clients across various industries with their global expansion.

This programme gives us access to insights, tools, and support, as well as information and predictions from Google about the international search landscape. This means we are best placed to support businesses to expand their digital marketing and business efforts internationally.


Unlock global growth with Google’s proven strategies

Embark on a successful international expansion journey with Google’s comprehensive guidance and support.

Identify lucrative markets

Harness our custom analysis and insights to pinpoint the most promising international markets for your business.

Forecast performance and cost-effectiveness

Pre-empt potential risks and optimise resource allocation with detailed performance forecasts for new markets.

Leverage Google’s global expertise

Leverage Google’s boots-on-the-ground support to launch, optimise, and scale your international performance campaigns.

Navigate International Logistics and Payments

Gain localised support for seamlessly navigating international logistics and payments systems.

Unlock the Power of Google’s Global Expansion Team (GET)

Access to a dedicated group of experts who provide comprehensive support throughout your international expansion journey.

Google Premier Partner 2024

We have also just once again been named as a 2024 Google Premier Partner, putting us among the top agencies. This program allows us the highest level of support for our clients, and for us an agency including early access to product releases, invites to betas, in depth training sessions, product workshops and so much more.

Connective3’s international offering

Since launching our international offering back in 2021, the team has gone from strength to strength. We now work with a global client base and have an in-house team of native language speakers who work across a variety of markets and languages.

Aided by the International Growth Program, our team are able to work on country specific campaigns and have an in-depth understanding of cultural nuances and regional requirements. From Digital PR campaigns across Europe to paid media campaigns in the US, we deliver growth-focussed results to increase conversions, sales, and search traffic.

International Growth Program in action

ParkVia case study

We used insights from the Google Partner International Growth Program to better understand the market in Poland and how we could leverage more performance.

YoY (2023 vs 2022) we’ve seen conversions increase by 30% for our Polish campaigns with revenue seeing an uplift of 58%.

What strategies did we use?

  • Utilisation of various messaging based on price and value
  • Using broad match to help with volume while ensuring our hero keywords were driven through exact match allowing us to use more levers to push performance
  • Implementation of DSA’s per location to help capture any additional nuanced queries we were not present for while having them in multiple languages as well to help drive additional cross border bookings.


Revenue increase


Conversion increase for Polish campaigns