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And we’re back, highlighting all there is to know about what’s up and coming in the wonderful world of Digital PR as of next week.

From National Simplicity Day to the latest Consumer Price Inflation – there are many opportunities you can utilise when planning your content for the week ahead.

Monday 12th July, National Simplicity Day, UK

National Simplicity Day was founded in honour of Henry David Thoreau, who was an advocate of living simply and wrote many well-known books on the subject.

The day is celebrated to help us direct our focus internally and get rid of the unnecessary clutter in our lives. This is a great opportunity for experts that focus on health/wellbeing to offer commentary on how we can apply Henry’s philosophy to make our lives better. For example, digital detoxes, having a good sort out of belongings you no longer use or finding a new job if your current role is making you miserable.


The Consumer Price Index analyses the average change in prices over time that we, as consumers, pay for goods and services. This is a great opportunity for experts within the retail industry to analyse the latest figures, provide their insight and share them with the media.

Find out more here.

THURSDAY 15TH JULY, Social Media Giving Day, USA

Social Media Giving Day is an online awareness day set up by, an outlet dedicated to fundraising and donating via social media networks, especially Twitter. To take part, you need to sign up and tweet to donate. Include the #give hashtag, Twitter handle of the cause you’re supporting, and the amount you’re wanting to donate. This is a great opportunity to support non-profit, educational, or political organisations.

Businesses in the USA can get involved with this, either by donating money themselves or holding fundraising events within the workplace.


What’s your favourite emoji? Is it the love heart? The laughing face? Or even the cheeky wink? Well, there’s no better day than the 17th of July to celebrate emojis! Experts who specialise in various industries such as tech, social media, and gaming can jump on this opportunity with a range of content themes. For example, what your emoji says about you, how often we use emojis, or what objects we most want to be made into emojis.

SATURDAY 17TH JULY, Festival of British Archaeology, UK

The Festival of Archaeology is one of the UK’s biggest celebrations held annually. It’s organised to inspire people to engage in archaeology, explore stories of places and truly connect with our environment.

This year’s theme is all about exploring local places, with the chance to win a prize. So, experts specialising in travel could uncover Britain’s best-kept secrets, or even run fun local competitions where items are hidden in certain areas to get people out and about. Another option is to run regional-specific content on people living within the area, with stories about who’s going above and beyond to help the community.

You can find out more here.

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