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The evenings are getting darker, and we’ve finally got our big coats out – we are well and truly into November! It’s an exciting time of the year, with lots of awareness days and events to help with your digital PR campaigns.  

From International Men’s Day to Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, we’ve listed the upcoming opportunities for you to be aware of next week. 


The Road Safety Awareness Week, organised by Brake – a road safety charity, is the biggest road safety awareness event in the UK. It aims to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and other unsafe driving practices. 

If you have any automotive clients, this event is for you. So, if you have any key stats or figures on road safety or any advice on driving safely, send them out! You could even offer expert commentary on the safest cars you can buy.  


Everyone’s favourite little cartoon mouse first appeared publicly in the short film “Steamboat Willy” on November 18, 1928. And so this is the day fans officially recognise as Mickey Mouse’s birthday. 

Since then, Mickey has taken over the world, with multi-billion-dollar film studios, theme parks and streaming services, still bringing joy to thousands of people across the globe.  

Disney campaigns always do well, and Mickey’s birthday is the perfect day to release any stats about favourite films, most loved franchises or most popular merchandise across the UK.  


International Men’s Day specifically focuses on men’s health, improving gender relations, and promoting positive expressions of masculinity. It’s also an opportunity to recognise men who don’t fall into “traditional” manifestations of masculinity. 

This day works well for those of you who are in the health industry; you could release any stats about issues that largely affect men and advice on how to deal with them. You can also look to celebrate your positive male role models across your business and clients.  


Who doesn’t love curling up in front of your favourite boxset at this time of year? Well now, you have the perfect excuse 

World Television Day celebrates how TV is a symbol for communication and globalisation in the contemporary world. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to comment on the importance of TV if you are in the multimedia industry. 

If you’re in the lifestyle sector, perhaps rerelease any campaigns you have focused on, any “best of” TV shows or characters, or any stats and figures you have on TV consumption in the UK, and how it affects us.  


That’s all this week. If you’d like to find out more about our recent PR work, visit what we’ve been up to here.