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Friday can only mean one thing… what’s up and coming in the wonderful world of digital PR next week? 

March seems to have gone on forever, and we’re certainly looking forward to the start of a brand-new month, not forgetting the brighter mornings and evenings!  

So, without further ado, we’ve listed a couple of opportunities coming up next week, below, to help inform your content plans.  

Stress Awareness Month – April 1st – 30th

Held every April since 1992, Stress Awareness Month helps to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for stress. With so much going on across the world at the moment experts within the health industry can provide helpful tips on how people can take time away from their hectic life to focus on themselves/loved ones, and on factors that bring them happiness.  

For businesses, whilst this should already be at the forefront of your strategy, consider making an extra effort to take some time away from your schedule to speak with your employees. Just check in with them and see how they’re getting on. A friendly, “How are you doing lately?” can often go a long way! 

National Pet Month – April 1st – May 2nd

National Pet Month celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership. This is a great opportunity for pet experts to dig deeper into pet ownership and habits. For instance, are we looking after our pets correctly? Do they have the right diet? Are they being walked enough or how often should they be walked?  

Another option is to answer some of pet owners’ most commonly asked questions concerning their furry friends. Helpful, informative content should be a priority with this one. 

Walk to Work Day – April 1st

This is a day dedicated to encouraging people to walk more and get their daily steps in. Businesses, could you run an initiative whereby employees walk to work, and they get free breakfast as a reward? Or could you prompt some healthy competition for whoever earns the highest step count, and then they win a prize? 

Health and fitness experts, this is also a good opportunity to provide tips on the benefits of the great outdoors. You could settle the age-old debate on how many steps we should really be aiming for daily… 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – April 2nd

A breakfast/snack staple – PB and jelly on toast! Celebrated across the States on the 2nd, this is a good opportunity for foodie experts to reveal the best peanut butter and jelly recipes. Have a think, are there any quirky dishes people can knock together? 

We hope that you found this useful for planning next week’s strategies! If you would like to see more of our digital PR work, please head over to our PR page.