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A new week is approaching, which means it’s time to look at what’s happening in the world, that we can utilise for Digital PR.

From the Tokyo Olympics kicking off to National Tequila Day in the U.S., there are oodles of things happening next week that we can all jump on to help build those links!

Wednesday 21st July – National Junk Food Day, U.S.A.

Whether it’s a cheesy pizza, a sizzling burger or a slice of delicious cake, we all love to indulge in a bit of junk food now and then. Well, the U.S.A. has a whole day dedicated to junk food which just so happens to also be hump day – coincidence?

Food and drink PRs can jump on this opportunity, perhaps looking at the nation’s favourite cuisines or even unconventional food pairings.

Friday 23rd July– Sunday 8th August – Start of the Tokyo Olympics, International

Although it didn’t come home for England, there are lots of opportunities to cheer on the UK with the Olympics finally starting! Originally scheduled to take place last year, the games will now begin on the 23rd of July and finish on the 8th of August.

This is a great opportunity for experts in sport, health and wellness, but it can also be used as a starting point to talk about travel and even things like comradeship. Since the tournament involves athletes from all over the world, there’s also plenty of scope for international outreach.

Friday 23rd July – 1st August – Love Parks Week, UK

A place to meet friends, go for a walk and being surrounded by greenery in parks became a sanctuary for many of us during the pandemic. Love Parks Week is dedicated to raising awareness around taking care of these spaces. It’s also calling on the government to protect parks and encourage more funding to those that need it.

This provides an opportunity for wellbeing experts to talk about the importance of green spaces for our mental and physical health, as well as for local communities. Alternatively, environmentalists can look at what parks might look like in the future if we don’t protect them, perhaps advising us on how we can make our own wildlife-friendly garden at home.

Find out more here.

Saturday 24th July – National Tequila Day, U.S.A.

Another opportunity for food and drink PRs? A whole day dedicated to tequila! This is a good chance to look at meals that pair well with tequila and even put together some cocktail recipes that feature this popular spirit.

Sunday 25th July – National Parent’s Day, U.S.A.

Aside from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the U.S. also has a National Parent’s Day, which was first introduced in 1994. This is a day where all parents across the country are shown appreciation for everything they do!

This is a good opportunity to jump on a wide range of topics, from parenting to gifting as well as potentially running a competition to reward a deserving parent (or parents)!

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