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As another week comes to a close, the end of June is also almost upon us. Can you believe we have passed the halfway point of 2021?

Here are some bits and bobs happening in the world of PR over the next week, as we head into July. The dates have so much potential, so I’m very excited to see any ideas that stem from them!

Children’s Art Week 2021 – June 28th – July 18th

This is a perfect excuse to do something super creative and beneficial. Encouraging young people to be creative and pursue creativity in their careers is an amazing by-product of a great campaign.

With the arts industry taking a huge hit during the pandemic, a campaign visualising this impact would be amazing. How many stadiums could you fill with the number of people who would’ve visited the West End? We could look at the impact creativity has on the mind of a child and how that influences their life choices and direction.

Social Media Day – June 30th

Started back in 2010, this day was designed to celebrate the impact social media has had on global communication. It redefined how we connect with people, how we work and how we live our lives, as well as the impact social media has had on the globe is immense.

The potential campaign scope with the topic of social media is huge. For example, with Love Island coming back on our screens, you could track the new cast’s follower count and see how much their potential earnings have risen over the week.

Alternatively, you could look at the social media conversations surrounding football. Take a single game and use social listening data to track how the conversation online shifts in its tone from positive to negative. So, create a super quick, reactive piece that perfectly ties into current events and social media day.

World UFO Day – July 2nd

On the second day of July, we get to celebrate World UFO Day because, well, why not?

This is an opportunity to do a campaign that is a little out of this world (clock the pun). Sometimes it takes something a bit random to get us thinking outside the box and creatively challenging ourselves a little bit.

For an insurance client, you could build your own “UFO Home Insurance Package” for residents of the town with the most UFO sightings. For a gambling client, you could look at the odds behind seeing a UFO versus winning the lottery. Or the chances of being struck by lightning and creating some cool, interactive visuals to weigh up the likelihood of each event.

Campaigns can always be fun and exciting, and it can take something a bit left field to get your head into that thinking space.

Clean Beaches Week 2021 – July 1st – July 6th

These blogs are also designed not only to influence ideation on new campaigns, but help with new angles for existing campaigns, too.

With clean beaches week, you could look at travel campaigns that centre on holiday hotspots and find some additional data to support them. We have a piece in circulation about plastic waste from country to country, which would fit perfectly into this awareness week.

There’s always a way to renew your campaigns and keep them as relevant as possible – so, why not do it?


Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration from these ideas when planning content for the week ahead. Want to learn more about our PR work? Head over to our PR page!