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  1. Do not miss a social opportunity when it arises, always keep one eye open.

Social media has become such a fast-paced environment, if you’re not reacting quickly to the news and media, you’ll quickly become irrelevant. Brands that are proactively reacting to these occurrences are the ones that receive the most attention and in turn, the sales. Being reactive also shows a sense of personality, but you must be quick! One way I do this for our clients is by using a social listening tool, but you can also pick up on trending topics using Buzzsumo.

  1. Make sure it’s always sharable

Ensure every campaign idea can be shared by your followers. If users are asked or enticed to tag, like, comment and share, not only will it increase the engagement on your campaign posts, but it will also allow your brand to appear in front of new audiences as a result.

  1. Utilise every link space you can on a social platform

When creating your campaign, make sure you utilise every link space available for the duration of the campaign. This could be within a certain platform i.e make sure you’re inserting a link in your bio but also on your swipe-up story. You also need to make sure you’ve inserted the link appropriately across all your active social platforms as well. This way you are giving your followers every opportunity to click on that link that leads them through to the appropriate landing page. If you are using influencers throughout your campaign, ensure they’re using the link where possible on their social profiles too.

Additional tip: convert your link using UTM trackers to be able to track the additional website traffic you’ve received from social on Google Analytics.

  1. Don’t forget about influencers – but they must be a match made in heaven!

Using influencers within your campaign is one way of increasing engagement, but also consumer trust. If users see your brand associated with an influencer they’re familiar with, their trust will extend to your brand, making them more likely to engage with your brand. When running a campaign involving influencers, it is important to use individuals that will have the biggest impact on your audience. When selecting an influencer to use in your campaign, make sure you select one from the same industry, with a similar audience and a positive sentiment as they must be the right match for your brand. One way you could do this is by using tools like hype auditor.

  1. Utilise social listening to catch negative sentiment before it leads to a PR crisis

Social listening allows businesses to track, analyse and respond to conversations related to their brand, or their competitors on social media through the power of AI. You can then analyse this data in a way, and pull out key actionable insights, to improve branding, customer service, products and more.

It allows you to pick up complaints about your brand from customers, allowing you to reply to them swiftly and maintain optimum customer service before it’s too late. Social listening is a multi-use tool that can be used not only for social but for PR too. Take a look at our blog post to find out how you can build links using the tool.

Here are a few social listening tools you could use:



Stay tuned for my next blog for more social-media tips, or if you just can’t wait head to our social media page for more info on our approach. Alternatively, get in touch for a free social media report.