Challenged to deliver a positive Digital PR campaign in the middle of the UK lockdown to drive both links, brand and traffic, for travel brand Canine Cottages, we delivered an innovative campaign, which launched with an exclusive with ITV and achieved over 500 links from national media.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with connective3 and we are really proud of their hard work in making Doggy Devotion such a successful SEO campaign. We look forward to our continued relationship and excited to build on this amazing success in 2021.”

Adam Christopher – Head of SEO – Travel Chapter




increase in linking domains


Increase in traffic YOY


Social reach

The Idea

Keen to seize the opportunity presented by UK 2020 travel restrictions, Canine Cottages were looking for a link building campaign to capture the attention of their target audience – dog lovers.

With an overwhelmingly negative news agenda we needed to create a campaign to cut through this, and we knew that the campaigns created for Canine Cottages needed to be mood-boosting and uplifting. Doggy Devotion was created to meet this challenge – an uber-creative, innovative campaign created to portray just how much our dogs really love us.


We monitored our dog’s resting heart rate using dog heart rate collars and tracked how this increased/decreased over 7 days when we:

  • Told our dog ‘I love you’
  • Gave them cuddles
  • Saw them for the first time after being away

We found that their heart rate increased by 47% on average when they are told they are loved and decreased by 23% on average when having cuddles.

To support the campaign even further, we sourced comments from a qualified vet and dog trainer to explain further ways in which our dog shows us they love us.


We digitally illustrated the dogs in a cartoon style, trying to capture as much character in each of dog as possible. The designs complimented the tone of the campaign and helped contribute to its success. The full asset can be viewed here:



Before launching the campaign and understanding Canine Cottage’s key audience and keen for the best possible results, we pitched the campaign to ITV as an exclusive – and they loved it! When we launched to the rest of UK press, it went everywhere.

We knew we wanted to go big with this campaign, wanted more linking domains and didn’t want to limit ourselves to just UK-based publications. So, we launched the campaign with People Magazine in the US. This was just the start of the unbelievable, international success we achieved with this campaign.


Now to the good stuff. The campaign delivered over 550 links, 1 tv placement and even a broadcast placement with coverage from media around the world.

This in turn delivered a 59% increase in referring domains and contributed to an increase in organic traffic by almost 40% YoY.

The map below shows all the regions where we delivered links or coverage for this campaign.


To further amplify the campaign we delivered a carefully curated Instagram and Facebook strategy, clever content creation with the use of stickers and a  hashtag strategy to amplify the success of the campaign. Driving further performance for Canine Cottages.

91K Social Reach

11K Engagements

10K Impressions

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The team’s knowledge of the market, their media contacts and truly creative approach empowered them to deliver a results heavy campaign. It was through this strategically creative approach that we saw such incredible success.

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