Changing the game with content strategy

A performance-led content strategy, using blogs to drive rankings, traffic, and ultimately conversions for card marketplace, thortful.

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Key Results
  • 130K organic sessions
  • £13K assisted conversions driven

Driving traffic and conversions through smart content strategy

Using keyword and competitor research, we created a content plan around content formats, topic ideas and blog design that we knew would drive conversions.

Once we had this information, we created an extensive blog roadmap for launch, going live with 20 pieces of content across multiple categories, followed by a 3-month roadmap where we looked to post two articles every single week.


organic sessions (in first 9 months)


featured snippets


worth of assisted conversions

We launched with 20 blogs across categories including ‘what to write’, ‘gift guides’, ‘lifestyle’, ‘special occasions’ and more. Across the following months, we analysed performance and used the blog success as a basis to create our 3 month future roadmaps.

We mixed SEO-led content with more fun social pieces to further layer understanding on what worked well, and what didn’t, and refined our roadmaps over time, taking rankings and reader engagement into consideration, whilst allowing for flexibility for last minute trends to be included.

Alongside implementing improvements gained from insights on the performance of existing blogs, thortful were also expanding into the gifting market, which gave us further opportunities to create unique, engaging content that would help to drive sales.

Additional products including flowers, gin and wine led us to create further content relevant to their gift guides. With the launch happening during lockdown, we tailored our suggestions towards our new way of living. With occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day key for thortful; it was crucial we created content that reflected these, whilst ensuring we weren’t encouraging readers to break the lockdown rules.

thortful screen blog mock ups

9 months on, we’ve driven over 130,000 organic sessions to the blog, with traffic increasing almost every single month. In June 2021 alone, we drove more than 34,000 organic sessions – a MoM increase of 39%.

Ultimately, this substantial drive in traffic across all of our blogs is largely down to SERP results. As of June 2021, we have 60 featured snippets, and rank for 120 keywords in positions 1-3, and 140 keywords in positions 4-10.

Impressively, the blog has also been successful in driving over £13k in assisted conversions since launch.

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    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

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