Dirty Cars

With hygiene high on the agenda during the 2020 pandemic the Dirty Cars campaign was a timely piece of content marketing, that was hugely successful in delivering automotive niche links and coverage, perfect for driving performance around CTM's car insurance product.

  • Digital PR
  • SEO
  • Creative


Key Results
  • 60 links
  • Including Top Car, The Drive, Motor

How clean is your car?

Comparethemarket operates in the hugely competitive price comparison space, where high quality links are crucial in maintaining organic performance; the Dirty Cars campaign was designed to do just that. We swabbed car interiors to reveal the germs lurking within. The results were hosted in a blog onsite, featuring expert commentary on car hygiene tips; we then used this for outreach to drive automotive links.

The Asset

We portrayed the data in a static visual highlighting the dirtiest parts of the car and accompanied this with helpful tips on how to protect your car. The on-site content can be viewed here.

screen mock up - ctm coverage


Before launching the campaign and understanding ComparetheMarket’s key audience of motorists, keen for the best possible results, we pulled an extensive list of the top motoring publications such as Top Gear, The Drive, GoCar, and Fast Car, alongside national and lifestyle outlets. We also targeted health publications given the campaign’s focus on hygiene. Upon outreach, we had our go-to sites with Top Gear at the top of our list. We launched the campaign on this site first, securing a followed link back to the site, and then continued with our targeted outreach.


The campaign exceeded KPIs and delivered 60 links in total, across both national and international outlets. Key highlights include Top Gear, The Drive, GoCar, AutoBlog, and Motor.

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The team’s knowledge of the market, media contacts, and a truly creative and unique approach empowered them to deliver a results-heavy campaign. It was through this strategically creative approach that we saw such incredible success. Interested to hear more? Contact us today to see how we can help you.

    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

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