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Relevant links from multiple territories

Blacktower Financial Management helps UK expats with financial advice, assisting with everything from pensions to savings. In order to target UK expats whilst also picking up relevant local links from multiple territories, we created the Expat Hub. This hosts information on an array of expat insights with the aim of supporting and simplifying the moving process.




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The creative:

We created a study with the goal of finding out which key territories across the globe boast the best quality of life for retirees. We ranked these territories based on factors including the cost of living, average monthly salary and quality of healthcare. We then collated these to give an overall score for the best countries to retire in based on these factors. The global focus allowed us to outreach to sites in a huge number of countries, driving a diverse range of global links in the process.

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The results:

Through the wide-ranging list of countries in the campaign, we were able to drive links from sites across the globe, totalling in 50 links across 15 targeted countries and driving 5000 social shares as an added benefit.

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Gaining a diverse range of links

from the following countries:

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    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Partnership with Public Health England

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

    thortful – Changing the game with creative blog content

    Blacktower – The Expat Hub

    Blacktower – The Expat Hub