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The ultimate content calendar


The only national day calendar you’ll ever need – trust us. Plan your next digital PR idea, social media post or marketing campaign with our ultimate content calendar. Made by marketeers, for marketeers.



National Prosecco Day


Celebrating the drink most consumed for celebrations around the world - enjoy a glass of prosecco tonight.

National Plum Day


An event aimed to make plums Britain's favourite food again.

Organic September


An entire month dedicated to promoting the consumption of organic food and farming.

Sourdough September


Encouraging young and old bakers alike to have a go at making their own sourdough starter and using this to make sourdough bread.

International Bacon Day


A global celebration of one of the most popular breakfast foods in all its forms.

Hot Cross Buns Day


National Hot Cross Bun Day in the States encourages people to experiment with different sweet recipes.

National Pancake Day USA


National Pancake Day is so great that it actually gets celebrated twice a year! Take the opportunity to make some sweet treats with leftover ingredients.

National Brunch Weekend


Celebrate the rise of brunch culture with a boozy brunch, taking your mum out or just enjoying some cheese on toast at home.



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