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Dechox is a British Heart Foundation campaign that challenges the public to give up chocolate, cakes and biscuits to raise money for the charity.

National Nutritional Month


National Nutritional Month is a US campagin run by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It highlights the importance of a balanced diet and educate about nutition.

Brain Injury Awareness Month


Brain Injury Awareness Month was created by The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) to raise awareness of brain injuries and injury prevention.

National Bed Month


National Bed Month is organised by the National Sleep Council. It aims to highlight the importance of good sleep and how a supportive, comfortable bed can help.

The Great British Spring Clean


The Great British Spring Clean is a national environmental campaign that encourages communities to litter pick.

Debt Awareness Week


Debt Awareness Week aims to support and advise those in debt and raise awareness of the issue.

World Theatre Day


World Theatre Day celebrates the theatre and highlights the importance of theatre arts.

Pillow Fight Day


Pillow Fight Day is an international event that celebrates and encourages pillow fights.

Stress Awareness Month


Stress Awareness Month is dedicated to highlighting the health repercussions of stress and offers advice on how to manage it.



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