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We recently attended an All in. Leeds. breakfast event in Leeds, Jennifer Potter from Oasis Human Relations spoke all about creating a great place to work, a topic that is very close to our hearts at connective3.

Following the event, we wanted to share our key takeaways from the talk. Jennifer spoke about the importance of building strong, open and informed relationships in the workplace to encourage resilience and wellbeing for employees. Through taking the humanistic approach and adopting whole person learning you will be able to encourage happiness and responsibility at work.


The Quality of Life @ Work study discovered employees have four predictable core needs at work; physically to rest and renew, emotionally to feel cared and valued, mentally to be empowered, to set boundaries and focus in an absorbed way, and spiritually to find a sense of meaning and purpose in their work. In order to support the whole person at work it is important to encourage the following factors:

Improving physical energy

  • Encourage regular movement – walking meetings.
  • Encourage people to switch off when out of office.
  • Provide spaces for active and passive renewal (meditation, breathing, creativity, exercise, and yoga sessions).

Improving emotional energy

  • Offer on going manager and leadership support.
  • Tailor rewards depending on what works for everyone. Strike a personalized balance between challenging and rewarding.
  • Lean into conflict the empowering way – tackle difficult conversations in an open manner its important not to avoid them.
  • Encourage realistic optimism by turning threats into an opportunity.

Improving mental energy

  • Make sure you have a work environment that offers a quiet place, and support people if they feel they need space and to work from home.
  • Offer positivity by having positive thoughts will make you feel more positive atmosphere in the workplace.
  • Be clear to have clear work contracts in order to clarify expectations and to make sure it works for everyone involved.

Improving spiritual energy

  • Its important to offer alignment, everyone needs a shared understanding of workplace goals, it’s important to share where you are now and where were going?
  • Offer meaningful roles and responsibilities that align to personal values at work.
  • Make sure the work culture matches your personal vision. The workplace should speak to your heart.

Improving creative energy

  • It’s important to offer a working environment where its ok to get it wrong and move on from it
  • Introduce unique and fun ways to have a meeting, problem solve and brainstorm that appeals to both the left and right brain personality types
  • Bring more fun into the workplace

I have taken on the role as a wellness ambassador at connective3 to encourage and implement all the above energies back at the office. We’ve already made our first steps and have started Wellness Wednesday, which we kicked off this week with a group meditation session. As the first of our events  team felt that this encouraged a positive and chilled environment in the office afterwards it’s something we plan on doing more of in the future!