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We have a week packed with awareness days ahead, right after Black Friday and Thanksgiving. All are on both serious and important topics, and of course, there are some more fun and playful opportunities to take advantage of… Cyber Monday, we’re looking at you!

Here are the most important events to plan your campaigns around.

Cyber Monday – 29th of November 2021, International

We can all agree Black Friday is a dream come true for any shopaholic (or bargain hunter). With brands worldwide promoting their unique deals today on Friday the 26th, you might think the opportunity has passed by the time the weekend starts.

Well, fear not, because Cyber Monday can be even better than Black Friday, with a higher percentage of deals and more stock going on sale.

But what does that mean for PR? With lots of clients jumping on reactive opportunities for Black Friday, Cyber Monday gives you an extra angle to outreach. You can also stretch your campaigns into the week of the 29th, and plan your follow-ups then. Black Friday sales don’t end on Saturday, so neither should your PR efforts!

International Day of Disabled Persons – 3rd of December 2021, International

This date is great for both reactive and planned PR. You can create a campaign well beforehand to issue in the weeks leading to the date. Or you could jump on any opportunities that arise during the day to get coverage for your clients.

The bottom line here is that the International Day of Disabled Persons is an important date that is celebrated all over the world. It brings awareness and focuses on the importance of accommodating and respecting diversity in the world.

And as with any serious and important topic, we would recommend your campaigns follow suit. An expert guide, survey or educational infographic would work best!

National Grief Awareness Week – 2nd to 7th of December 2021 – the UK

An important week to remember our loved ones that are no longer with us and respect people who are grieving a personal loss. Similar to the International Day of Disabled Persons, this awareness week calls for more serious campaigns.

It could be as simple as collecting messages for a loved one and sharing them on social media, or partnering with a charity to educate people on how to properly support someone who is grieving.

International Volunteer Day – 5th of December, International

Created in 1985 by the United Nations, International Volunteer Day celebrates all volunteers around the world. This is the time for you to get creative with your PR projects.

You could either pre-plan a campaign, jump on opportunities during the day with your newsjacking strategy or engage in some guerrilla marketing to volunteer around your city and get some press coverage. After all, everyone loves to do some good and have fun in the meantime!


We hope that these events help to spark inspiration, and get your clients’ names out there. Want to learn more about what we do and how we can help you? Check out our digital PR work, and reach out to us if you’re interested in a chat…